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Cover of 'Dance with the Devils'; shows powerlines lit up witb orange light against a dark sky and mountains. A Tasmanian devil snarls in the foreground. There is a tagline, 'Green energy, a dedicated team, and … 'shrooms?', and the title and author are in bold all-cap font.

Dance with the Devils Paul Frisby

A lighthearted take on Tassie Noir – coming soon!


So, Peter. You built a geothermal power station in Tasmania?

Yes, but it was my brother’s idea.

Done anything like that before?

No. I managed hotels in America.

Any problems stand out?

Money, the government, greenies, magic mushrooms, God.


Er yes – it rained a lot.

But you finished it in the end?

Killed it.

Paul Frisby About the author

Paul Frisby lives in Queenstown, Tasmania. After what he describes as a misspent youth doing everything from working in television to teaching horse riding, working in UK casinos, and advertising copywriting, he found a home in the public sector, principally in compliance and performance management related roles. He was a long-serving senior volunteer in the NSW State Emergency Service and a Justice of the Peace in NSW and Queensland.

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