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<h4>On Shipstern Bluff</h4><p>John Tully</p>

On Shipstern Bluff John Tully

A gripping, intelligently written mystery that immerses the reader in the characters and places of southern Tasmania.

Summer 1996. Detective Inspector Jack Martin is coming to terms with the ghosts of the past, and life is looking up. But when a boy falls from the sky onto Tasmania's remote Shipstern Bluff, he senses new, dark forces at work…

An attacker stalks the streets. A girl's desperate phone call tells of children in danger. From the forgotten corners of the city's working-class suburbs, to the select enclaves of the rich and powerful, Jack and his team must work against the clock to stop a vicious organised crime ring getting its hooks into Hobart. Soon Jack's own life is at risk, as well as the lives of innocent children.

'Convincing and authentic characters, amusing turns of phrase and well-paced action … a highly satisfying read.' - Charles Wooley

In this novel John revisits the passionate and well-read Detective Inspector Jack Martin from Dark Clouds on the Mountain, but Jack has changed: he's been to therapy, got fit, and is moving confidently into a new century. Catch up with Jack now!


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John Tully About the author

John lives in Dover in the far south of Tasmania but lived and worked in Melbourne for 35 years. He grew up in Tasmanian hydro construction towns after emigrating with his parents as a child from the UK. Before a successful academic career, he earned his living as a rigger in construction and heavy industry. He is the author of numerous non-fiction publications including a short history of Cambodia and a social history of the world rubber industry. John's fiction is enriched by his deep professional knowledge of social history. John is a keen bushwalker. He has walked in many places around the world but believes that Tasmania is up there with the best of them.

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