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<h4>This Gardening Life</h4><p>Jonathan Sturm</p>

This Gardening Life By Jonathan Sturm

This is a detailed, wide-ranging manual on organic vegetable gardening, with methods meticulously tested in the author's 20-plus years as a successful market gardener. Like his previous and very successful book, Complete Organic Gardening (1992), This Gardening Life includes useful illustrations and a host of tabular data usually only found by consulting multiple sources. But it's more than a gardening book: it's also a reflection on how to live a good life, with anecdotes and conclusions from Jonathan's own experiences. What he has to say will be of interest to many people seeking to live their own good life, in Tasmania or elsewhere.

Jonathan Sturm About the author

Jonathan spent over 20 years living 'the good life' running an organic market garden in the hills south of Franklin, Tasmania.

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